I know I haven’t done much about fashion, but clothes are an important part of your style. Unless you are living under a rock, you should have caught on to the trend or at least noticed that big, fussy scarves are totally IN. They are yet another way women accessorize themselves, though to me are one of the most practical. They are not just making you look good, they provide warmth for the wimps and are perfect for snotty noses. But seriously, you’re most likely going to wear scarves anyway for the winter, so why not get ones that are totally cute? For picking out if your scarf is a keeper, consider this.

1. Are there lots of things like beads or balls hanging off it? Not a good sign. Those fall off easily, often get stuck in coats or zippers and might even fall off in the wash (some people do forget they’re wearing a scarf when eating spaghetti, okay?)

2. Is it too long? if the scarf is a bit longer than you might normally wear, steer clear. They get caught in things and have a mysterious habit of unwrapping themselves.

3. How’s the pattern? Just like with clothes, make sure you like the look of the scarf. After all, it will be on your body. Also make sure you have a shirt or two that you plan to wear it with. If it’s a patterned scarf, wear it with a solid color shirt, and vice-versa.

4. Is it homemade? Homemade scarves are very cool, especially if you get them at craft fairs. It’s always better to know who made your clothes, although there is absolutely nothing wrong with the scarves from the store. In fact, sometimes homemade scarves can be rather itchy, so stay away unless red necks are your thing.

For the dedicated scarf-wearer, you must know there are many ways to tie a scarf. each way can change the length and fit, so tie wisely. For some tie ideas, check this out.


This girl obviously did not get my memo about buying scarves without hanging balls, but her technique is fantastic.

If you are a scarf lover too, make sure to like this post, and comment about your own rules of scarf choosing. If you have a favorite accessory, let me know! Make sure to wear scarves because smart girls love scarves!


Roald Dahl

Every smart girl should know of the books Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda, or at least heard of these wonderful stories. The author of these books, Roald Dahl, is just as facinating. I went though a fantastic phase in which I read all of his books and even found myself dressed as him for my school wax museum, reciting his life story as though it was mine. Dahl has two wonderful books about his childhood and life, Boy and Going Solo. They aren’t really autobiographies, just laugh-out-loud accounts from his life. As he declares, ” An autobiography is a book a person writes about his own life and is filled with all sorts of boring details. This is not an autobiography. I would never write a history of myself.”- Boy. He was interested in everything from fine collectables to chocolate, and seemed as though the sort of person you would feel right at home with. of course the two books listed above are the first I would recommend of his fine collection, but consider these novels to see if he intrigues you as much as he does me.

1. The BFG. Frightfully scary, yet one of my favorites. This story is about child-eating giants and one humorous outcast, The Big Friendly Giant, who prefers dream-catching to child-consuming. When an innocent orphan, Sophie, is kidnapped by him, the whole of the giants’ world is uncovered and a far-fetched plot is devised to stop the giants once and for all.


2. The Witches. Again terrifying, and unfortunately seems as though it could be more likely. The witches appear as normal women, but actually are devil-like beasts that take joy in making children disappear (I have no idea why so many of Dahl’s characters hate children, for he in fact had many of his own and loved them dearly). Grandmamma was a witch-hunter in her day, and her grandson listens carefully to what she advises. But nothing she says can prepare him for encountering the Grand High Witch herself!


3. Esio Trot. A shorter story, Esio Trot is actually tortoise spelled backwards. What does that mean? Nothing really, but it may just be enough to outsmart Mrs. Silver, Mr. Hoppy’s tortoise-loving neighbor and win her heart.


4. If you liked Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, then you’re most sure to like Carlie and the Great Glass Elevator, the even more far-fetched sequel. And for the scoop on the whole process of writing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, check out The Missing Golden Ticket and other Splendiferous Secrets, choked full of Dahl trivia and advise for young authors.

Unknown-1     Unknown-2

There are plenty of other fantastic books by Dahl and even some adult short story collections. If you have a favorite Dahl book that I don’t have listed, please let me know by commenting. Also, please tell me what smart girls should like next! Make sure to read this, and be a smart girl.

Colbie Caillat

One of my favorite female artist, Colbie Caillat is most recognized for her songs “Bubbly” and “Realize”. But these aren’t even the best of her fantastic music. My top three favorites from her are:

1. “You Got Me”. Just a sweet sort of song about being in love, enjoying the relationship and letting it take you wherever it goes. the chorus has some sort of horn and is really catchy. Totally worth listening to just to brighten you up or dance!

the song: 

2. “Fallin’ For You”. About being in love with someone very much but not being able to express it to them. Sort of longing (but not in a depressed way) and just as catchy as her other songs.

the song: 

3. “One Fine Wire”. Being “lost in your head” and juggling your life. It always get me thinking.

the song: 

Some other really good ones to consider (if you love these) are: “Feelings Show” and “The Little Things”. if you have a female artist that you recommend to smart girls, please let me know. Us smart girls are always on the lookout for inspiring music to jam out to!


Harry Potter… and Septimus Heap?

All smart girls know of the fantastic Harry Potter with his 7 books, 8 movies and 1 sassy friend much like us, but do you know Septimus Heap? The smart and magykally (This book invents quite a few new words and purposely misspells many others) gifted main character of the wonderful series (of course titled Septimus Heap) will remind you much of Harry Potter but with a few big differences. For instance, who is the seventh son of the seventh son, and where is he now? And who is the baby girl who suddenly plopped into Silas and Sarah Heap’s life?

Not all is completely different from Harry’s life. For example, the “bad guy” DomDaniel will give you just as many creeps as He Who Must Not Be Named. (and yes, I’m that kind of girl, afraid to say his name.) Jenna is just as stubborn as Hermione and Septimus and Harry both have “out of the dust” sort of backstories.

Basically, this book is about the low class Heap family. Sarah Heap, the mother, has just given birth to Septimus when he disappears. Everyone believes that he is dead. That same night, Silas, the father, finds a girl in the snow and takes her home to raise as their own. When it is found that the girl, now named Jenna is in danger with the cruel government formation called the Custodians, they flee and meet a boy named Boy 412. That’s all I’ll tell for now, but read it for some wonderful plot twists that did not come expected.

This series is a whole six books, so there will be plenty to sink your teeth into. The first one is Magyk, and the entire series is by the British author Angie Sage (just in case you’re looking). She’s “as old as her nose and few years older than her teeth” (as she describes it) and will bring you into a wonderful new world with her books, Septimus Heap.